Wound Dressings

Transparent Wound Dressings

General Details:

OctaCare transparent PU film dressings are highly elastic and conformable to body contours, and are suitable for use as a primary dressing. They allow observation of the wound bed without removing the dressing from the skin.

Specifications / Key Features:

  • Soft & Comfortable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Waterproof
  • Air Permeable
  • X-Ray Permeable
  • Highly absorbent and non-adherent pad
  • Sterile and individually packed
  • Prevents bacteria invasion and diminish the risk of infection
  • Visual control of wound surface
  • Leaves no residues when removed


  • If you develop rashes, flares or itching, etc. while using the product, please stop its use
  • Peel off the dressing slowly along the flow of your body hair to prevent skin injuries upon removal


Store at room temperature, away from water, high temperatures, high humidity and direct sunlight


CodeSizeQuantity /
Unit Box
Qty of Unit Box / Carton
215075 cm x 7,5 cm5024
215095 cm x 9 cm5016
219109 cm x 10 cm2520
219159 cm x 15 cm2514
219209 cm x 20 cm2514
219259 cm x 25 cm2510
219309 cm x 30 cm258
15075 cm x 7,5 cm10150
15095 cm x 9 cm10150
19109 cm x 10 cm1090